Katie offers Individual Lessons, Workshops, Alexander Technique courses for Musicians at Eastman School of Music and the Eastman Community Music School, and CollaborATive Teaching Options. See below for details.

Individual lessons

Here are some things to expect in an individual private lesson:

  • Katie Fittipaldi works with an Alexander Technique studentOne on one attention tailored to your interests and needs.
  • Gentle hands on guidance and verbal instruction.
  • To apply the principles of the Alexander Technique to simple activities such as sitting, standing, walking, bending and reaching, so that these everyday activities are performed with more ease, comfort and joy.
  • To let go of unhelpful tension and stress as you lie on a bodywork table.
  • To learn to use the Alexander Technique to prevent harmful tension.
  • To apply the Alexander to any activity of your choice such as playing an instrument, singing, working at a computer, exercising, yoga, gardening, dancing, cooking, speaking in front of a group, etc.

Lesson Fees

Alexander Technique Rochester Studio

A sunny view of Katie’s studio space. Lots of light, color, and good cheer!

$75 per lesson
$350 for a package of 5
$700 for a package of 10

Gift certificates are available.

Lessons are 1 hour long. Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing to your lesson.

Please contact Katie at 585 330 7412 or minicelloop@hotmail.com for more information or to schedule your lesson.



Workshops are a great way to introduce a group to the Alexander Technique. Please contact Katie at 585 330 7412 or minicelloop@hotmail.com to organize a workshop for your office, studio, or group.

“Katie worked with my students in a two hour introductory session of Alexander technique which was extremely engaging, interactive and perfectly designed for the wide age range of pre-college and adult students who attended.  Katie was gentle, welcoming and articulate, and helped each student to explore better ways to use their bodies when playing flute.  I wholeheartedly recommend Katie for work with students of any age or level!”
—Laura Lentz, Studio teacher/Flutist, Rochester, NY, lentzflutestudio.com

“During the pandemic, Katie presented a workshop via Zoom to help our Youth Orchestra and Junior String Ensemble students.  During this time when all learning was online, Katie’s calm encouragement helped students to not only relax with their instruments but also to get “unstuck” from their computer screens.  It was just what we needed.  The students soaked in the self-kindness and positivity that Katie exuded. I think it was a new concept to these high-achievers to give themselves permission to take a “No-Go” moment before tackling something difficult.  It was great to have Katie’s virtual workshop in the middle of a very challenging year for our students.”
—Karen Dusek, Managing Director, Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes

“For the 2021 Piano Pedagogy Workshop at Nazareth College, Katie was featured as one of our guest clinicians, where she provided two Alexander Technique sessions for participating music teachers. Her sessions were warmly delivered, well-organized, and creatively engaging. She tailored her sessions to be beneficial for both the participating music teachers themselves as well as their students. Her calm and inviting demeanor created a safe space for exploration of concepts, and encouraged participation from everyone. I give Katie my most enthusiastic recommendation as a workshop presenter!”
—Jacob Ertl, Coordinator of Keyboard Studies, Associate Professor of Piano, Nazareth College, Rochester New York

Alexander Technique at the Eastman School of Music

AT + Mobile Body Alignment™ for Musicians and Music Educators: https://summer.esm.rochester.edu/course/alexander-technique-moblignment-for-musicians-and-music-educators-online-workshop/

Alexander Technique for Musicians: https://summer.esm.rochester.edu/course/alexander-technique-weekend-intensive/

In this interview, Katie talks with Zoe Markle (ESM student) about Alexander Technique and how an Alexander approach can support our music, teaching, learning and general wellbeing: https://www.wxxiclassical.org/musicians-of-rochester-1/2022-12-23/musicians-of-rochester-katie-fittipaldi

Alexander Technique at the Eastman Community Music School

Now offering 9-week Alexander Technique group classes at the Eastman Community Music School – both Fall and Spring sections available!

Alexander Technique for High School Students: https://www.esm.rochester.edu/community/course/alexander-technique-for-high-school-students/

Alexander Technique for Adults: https://www.esm.rochester.edu/community/course/alexander-technique-for-adults/

CollaborATive Teaching Options

What happens when you put a Music Educator, an Alexander Technique teacher and a student in the same room?

Amazing things!  : – )

Some benefits of CollaborATive teaching:

  • Happier teachers
  • Happier students
  • More easeful learning
  • More easeful playing
  • More beautiful music

Happier teachers + Happier students = More easeful learning = More easeful playing & More beautiful music !! 

To learn more about the wonderful world of collaborative teaching and why it’s such a marvelously ideal way to support learning and teaching watch this interview I did with Judith Kleinman (AT faculty @Royal College of Music) for the 2021 Alexander in Education Conference.

Contact Katie at 585 330 7412 or minicelloop@hotmail.com for more information, with questions and to begin crafting your collaborative teaching adventure!

Illustration by Margaret Coote.